Cult of Tzeentch

Welcome to Reik Manor

Dinner at Antz → Tournament at Reik Manor → Slaughter for Khorne → Looting, burning

Short version:
Felix, Aiden Eisenhower and Helmut are invited to dinner at Antz’ house in Grossfurre. There they are introduced to Joerger, Heinrich and Arnold Reik. Reik takes an interest in Aiden and invites him and his followers to a fighting contest he’s holding at his manor.

At Reik Manor, Felix meets Erich Zamm, Aiden triumphs against hard odds in the tournament and Helmut gets shit-faced drunk (and has a bath). A Witch Hunter disappears. Reik talks about a surprise guest. The third and final day, the spring equinox, ends with Reik and Edmund, one of the champions from the tournament, slaughtering their guests in the name of Khorne.

But Tzeentch smiled on our men: Felix got a Chaos Horse of Lightning; Aiden discovered telekinetical powers; Helmut had her legs and head rebuilt in glorious metal and Erich, the newfound ally… had his feet turned into cloven hooves.

The house is looted and set ablaze. A bound man, calling himself Zesslaus, who claims to be a wizard and later claims to worship Tzeentch, is taken as prisoner.



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