Maria the witch

Herbalist living in outskirts of Grossfurre


Maria is a very short, very old woman. She lives a slightly less than a mile outside Grossfurre in a small shack, filled with herbs and potions.

Maria sold Aiden a a lotion to make things real to spirits that were bound by hate. The price was 8 silver and Aiden, Felix and Helmut promising to return to her in exactly one month. When they returned, which was during the The Grossfurre Greenskin Raid of 2523, she had them pick flowers by a pond in the woods, where they opportunely found the ogre accompanying the greenskins and could slay him. During the same raids, Maria saved Thaler with a potion and gave Aiden, Felix and Helmut a talisman each, saying they should wear them for their own good.


Maria the witch

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