Cult of Tzeentch

The Eternal Rest of Wolfgang the Wicked

Felix gets a note from Frecht. They search the graveyard and find Helmut. Aiden drives the spirit away with the knife that Helmut had taken from the crypt, but now they are cursed.

They find another note at the farmhouse and travel to Breuna to meet Motzer who says that to lift the curse they must kill Wolfgang who is bound in the Mirror Moors.

First they visit Maria the witch in Grossfurre and get a lotion but in return promise to be there in exactly a month again.

Two days and a troll later, Motzer, Felix and Aiden arrive to the place in the Mirror Moors, while Helmut is lost. They navigate a number of traps, steal some probably ancient potions and kill Wolfgang and Motzer, who turned on them. Helmut arrives shortly after. Together they travel back to Grossfurre.



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