Cult of Tzeentch

The Grossfurre Greenskin Raid of 2523


A farm in the outskirts of Grossfurre is raided by greenskins. Everyone is called into the village to defend themselves. Aiden, Felix and Helmut take an active role in the defence, leading the construction of traps and defence enhancements.

First comes a small attack, which is repelled without casualties. Felix then provokes another attack, which is stopped with a few casualties. Aiden, Felix and Helmut then visit the witch since a month has passed. They go picking flowers and kill an ogre.

A last large attack comes. Aiden, Felix and Thaler, the militia captain, slay the greenskin leader. Thaler is mortally injured in the fight, but the witch comes running and saves him with a potion. She gives Aiden and Felix three talismans (one for Helmut) and says it’s for their own best to wear them at all times. The battle is a relative success, with not even a dozen dead and two dozen wounded. Aiden, Felix, Helmut and Thaler are rewarded by Antz, Grossfurre’s mayor, with a medal each for their help.



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